Gymnastics & Tumbling


All of our classes are recreational. Because we are not a competitive gym, our focus is on you and the progress of your child. While we are all about having fun, we still strive to help our students get better and continue to move up in our program. We believe that having fun and advancing in our program coincide with one another. If a child is having fun at gymnastics they will want to learn and get better and better! We LOVE seeing our students gain new skills and learn harder tricks. Every child learns at a different pace. As students get older and learn how to do more tricks on their own, we continue to move them to higher-level classes so they continue to be challenged as they go through our program. Try one of our classes today!


Our gymnastics classes for girls consist of floor tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars & vault. We teach using a variety of methods to help our students achieve success through safe, positive skill progression. We start out with the basics and add new tricks as each child progresses through our program. This class is geared toward building confidence, strength, flexibility, coordination & great relationships!

BOYS CLASSESboybalance

We offer recreational boys gymnastics classes! For boys we do floor tumbling, vault, pommel horse, high bar & parallel bars. These activities are geared toward building strength, endurance, coordination & flexibility. Gymnastics will help boys improve their skills in other sports and physical activities. Interacting and having fun with other boys is also a great benefit to taking this class. Our boys love this fast paced, fun-filled class!


Preschool & kindergarten classes start at age 3! There are so many benefits of starting gymnastics when you are young! For preschool and kindergarten groups we work on floor tumbling, balance beam, uneven bars, vault, hula hooping & mini trampoline. This class is the perfect way for your little one to interact with other kids their age. It is also a great way for them to learn basic skills such as taking turns, sharing and listening to their teacher. These classes help children to learn hand-eye coordination, balance and how to use their bodies to achieve physical skills. Come try a class today – you and your child will love it!


floorWe offer floor tumbling classes for boys and girls that do not want to participate on the equipment. This class is solely focused on learning how to tumble. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced tumbling classes. This class promotes flexibility, strength and balance. Many of our students take this class because they use these tumbling skills in other sports. We have many cheerleaders and dancers that take our tumbling classes. We also have many boys that take this class to help with their wrestling skills. Tumbling is an essential part of these other activities. This class is also perfect for students that just want to learn for fun!



Our mommy & me program gives moms the opportunity to play with their baby, bond with them and get your body moving! As a new mom you often feel isolated at home all day with your little one. This class is perfect for connecting with other new moms. During the class, you will help to guide your little one while doing some basic gymnastics moves, obstacle courses and games. This is a great way not only to get your child involved in an activity but to have interactions with other children. Your child will learn to take turns and share with others during class. This class will also help to increase your child’s strength, mobility, language development and motor development.